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Surgical Operating Microscope

Surgical Operating Microscope

We provide technically advanced Surgical Operating Microscope for ophthalmic, E.N.T, dental, neurosurgical and other medical fields. Today, we have carved a niche as one of the predominant Ophthalmic Surgical Operating Microscope Manufacturers based in India. High-resolution power of Surgical Operating Microscope assures its excellent performance with accuracy.

Specification of Model ZSMC Continous Zoom

Focussing 200 mm to 400 mm with one objective zoom lens falling in the range 200 mm to 400 mm no need to change objective will work 200 mm to 400 mm working distance.
Fine Focussing Working Range 40 to 60 mm
Lamp Voltage 15V-24V (Halogen with Dual) bulb system
Watts.: 150W to 300 W
Filter Green
Light Source Halogen fibre, optics. Double outlet
Eye Piece 10x WF, 20x WF (1 Pair)
Tilting Adjustment Upto 50o on all angle
Head Inclined tube with interchanger eye pcs
Magnification 205 x to 60 x
Feild Vision 73.8 to 36.9 mm

Magnification Chart

Magnification Chart

Same as above ZSMC butwith beem spliter to attach CCD camera, Digital camera assistant camera.

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