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We provide technically sound Saccharimeter that is specially designed for sugar industries with imported optical components. Optical Saccharimeter offered by us is available with double wedge compensations workable on white light from ordinary electric bulb of 100 watts. Precisely engineered to perfection, our Optical Saccharimeter is high in performance and low in maintenance. Today, we have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the key Double Wedge Saccharimeter Manufacturers and Suppliers based in India.

Focus Double Wedge Saccharimeter Model SPS-879(For use in the Cane, Beet and Sugar Related Industries) Sacharimeter Model SPS-879 is specially designed for Sugar Factories with Imported optical components. Provided with Double Wedge Compensations workable on white light from ordinary electric bulb of 100 watts. One wedge is with left handed roatation and the other with right handed roatating, which enders possible to taken reading upto - 110o & + 110oS. This invert sugar percentage upto - 110o and can also be taken accurately upto - 0.1%


Range of Measurement -10o to + 110o(Positive Scale)
+10o to - 110o(Negative Scale)
Verneir Scale 0.1o (I.S.S.)*
Telescopic Magnification 4.5x
Analyser Glans Thompson Prism and Quartz Wedge Two Sets.
Polariser & Half Shade Lappich System
Polarising Aperture 6 mm
Light Source Clear Glass ordinary electric bulb 100w
Filter Orange filter with spectral Transmission from 5550 AU to 8000 AU.
Tube length Suitable for use with tubes up to 400mm.
Supplied with three polarimeter tubes 100mm, 200mm, 400mm. Nicely packed in wooden box.