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Over Head Projector

Over Head Projector

We present a hi-tech range of overhead projectors. Our products are known for innovation and outstanding performance, and the range of over head projectors proves the same. These ready to operate overhead projectors are equipped with the advanced mechanism to deliver better and sharper focus. These over head projectors are designed to cater this tech savvy generation. In addition to this, cost of our over head projectors is easy on pocket as well.

OHP Model No : 7021

OHP Model No : 7021
  • Single element 90mm objective
  • Clear Fresnel-lens
  • Projection Plate form 250X250mm
  • Built-to-last, sheet metal chassis
  • Durability Unmatched
  • Lamp quick-Changer
  • Fine focusing with rack & pinion mechanism
  • Twin Halogen lamp 2X24V/150W
  • Economy Switch DIM/BRIGHT
  • Coiling throw cross-flow fan
  • Ready for operation within seconds
  • Folder projector arm

OHP Model No : 4051

OHP Model No : 4051
  • Anti-glam Fresnel - lens
  • Projection platform 250X250n1m
  • Rust Proof Shock proof durability un-matched
  • with ABS Body
  • Lamp quick-Changer Twin Halogen 24V/250W
  • Fine focusing with rack & pinion mechanism
  • Overheating, device
  • Safety- interlock system,Whisper quiet cooling Twin fan
  • Colour fringe adjustment
  • Rotating Projection head 360

OHP Model No :4071

OHP Model No :4071
  • Excellent contrast through 90mm singal
  • element or 3eIement lens
  • Anti- glare Fresnel-lens, A4 285X285mm
  • Rust pruuli, Shock proof durability un-matched
  • with All ABS Body
  • Halogen lamp 24V/250Wm, With lamp Changer
  • Fine focusing, with rack & pinion mechanism
  • Economy switch DIM/ BRlGHT
  • Overheating device
  • Whisper quiet cooling Twin fan
  • Safety - interlock system,
  • Colour fringe adjustment
  • Rotating projection head 360

OHP Model No :4091

OHP Model No :4091
Optical System :
  • Excellent contrast through veri-focal lens
  • Optimized hrightness dur to anti-glare
  • Fresnl-lens
  • Projection platformA 4285X2Smm

Features :
  • Rust proof, Shock proof durahillty unmatched,with all ABS Body
  • Lamp quick Changer
  • Twin Halogen lamp 2X24W25UW
  • Economy switch DIM/BRIGHT...
  • Whisper quiet cooling Twin Fan
  • Easy to open working, top, push the lock and open to working top,
  • Safety- interlock system, automatically cut off power unit while replacing lamp

OHP Model No : 7041

OHP Model No : 7041
  • Uni focal single element 90mm objective
  • Clear Fresnel-lens,
  • Projection platform 250 X 250mm
  • Sheet metal chassis UN-matched durability
  • Twin halogen lamps with a lamp quick Changer
  • Fine focusing With rack & pinion mechanisrn
  • Halogen lamp 24V/250W
  • Economy switch DIM/BR|GHT
  • Cooling throw cross- flow fan-maintains
  • Ready for operattion within seconds
  • Foldable projector arm
  • Rotating projection head 360*

Slide Projector

Slide Projector
  • Built-to-last Rust proof durability UN-matched,with all ABS Body,
  • Whisper quit blower cooled
  • Supplied with 2"X2" slide carrier
  • Very fine focusing system provided
  • 2V-150W halogen lamp
  • Thermcal packing for safely transportation
  • And idle for repacking..