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Monocular Microscope

Monocular Microscope

Today, we are counted among the prime Inclined Monocular Microscope Manufacturers based in India. Our Monocular Microscope is widely used for various applications in laboratories. Technically advanced Monocular Head Microscope offered by us is remarkable for producing crystal-clear and highly magnified images of the focused objects.


Head : Inclined Monocular head.

Body : Inclined Binocular Body, Rotatable through 360o

Nose Piece : Perfectly centered bearing based, Quadruple revolving nose piece.

Mechanical Stage : Large stable base (120x125mm) fitted with co-axial precision graduated mechanical stage for X and Y movement of slide upto 50mm x 75mm

Sub Stage : Abbe N.A.1.25 condenser, focussable with rack and pinion through 25mm continously cisible iris diaphragm with built in swing out filter holder.

Anti Fungus Objectives : Parafocal, Achromatic Din Objectives; 4x/5x,10x,40x/45x SL, 100x (SL) oil immersion.

Anti Fungus Eye Pieces : Highest quality paired Huy.5x Eye Piece.

Focussing : Coarse and fine focussing knob on both sides are provided for quick focussing.

Illumination : Fitted with built in base halogen light source ; fitted with 6v-20W Halogen bulbs ; On / Off Switch and light intensity regulator ; Complete with power cord and plug. Also a set of plano-concave reflector provided for day light use.