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Model No. TTM - 3

Model No. TTM - 3

Focus Inverted Tissue Culture Trinocular Microscope with Photographic Attachment Model No.: TTM & TCM

Inverted Tissue culture Microscope has been designed for examination of Tissue Cultures, Plankton, Living Protozoa and similar specimens in natural from in the Petri dish, Culture Bottle, test tube, or flask/vessel in which they grow.

It finds vast application in Cancer Research, Serology, Urology, Histology, Parapsychology, Microbiology and water pollution. It can also be used for Phase contrast Microscopy to
Impart normally colorless transparent specimen with enough contrast to permit clear examination of living bacteria,cells and tissues.

  • Base : Large and sturdy base provides stability to the microscope and houses the solid – state transformer, the working of 6 volts 30 watts illumination.
  • Stage : Oversize square plain stage 180mm X 150mm with two extension plates 150mm X 65mm for large bottles and micro filter work.
    Two stage clips are provided in drilled holes to accommodate specimen up to 40mm. A removable central insert gives 65mm dia stage aperture.
    Coaxial fixed/detachable mechanical stage can also be provided.
  • Illumination : Brilliant illumination based on Koehler system is provided by a post – mounted high intensity 6v 30w illumination, powered from a base built – in variable intensity controlled transformer. The lamp house incorporating a focusable condenser lens with iris diaphragm, filter carrier, is mounted on a pole on which it can be positioned up or down to accommodate any type of culture-vessel in a vertical rang of 140mm.Working distance of condenser lens is 23mm.
  • Focusing : Two large focus control knobs ;ocated low down at a convenient position assure accurate focusing. The back-lash free Rack and mechanism has 18mm range. Tension is instantly adjustable.
  • Fine Focusing : Highly sensitive reading to 0.002mm is provided.
  • Nose Piece : Quadruple revolving turret nose piece with positive click stops.
  • Binocular : The Binocular observation tube assembled from coated prisms is 450 inclined with eye point position 320mm raised above the desk surface for greater comfort to the observer. It is interchangeable with straight tube. With Trinocular Head is also available.
  • Objectives : 5x, 10x, LWD 20x and 40x,specially designed perfect flat-field objectives with long working distance (LWD) corrected for bottom thickness of bottles, flasks or chambers.
  • Eye Pieces : WF 10x (paired) with eye-gnards, for genuine wide field observation.
  • Filter : Blue and White
  • Weight : Approximately 10 Kg.