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Binocular Microscope

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Get in touch with us for acquiring top-notch Binocular Microscope at competitive prices! Our Bio Supreme Microscope Series is a comprehensive solution to contemporary demands. With ergonomic design, superior optics and outstanding system versatility, our Binocular Pathological Microscope BPM-3 is an ideal choice to meet requirements of the research and clinical laboratory. Buyers, across the boundaries, are free to place orders; timely deliveries are guaranteed with us.


  • Adjustable light condenser is provided for centering the light source for uniform illuminated field.
  • The remarkable progress in science and medical research has reshaped the role of microscopy.
  • Today's requirements are increasingly demanding and diverse. As a pioneer and leader in the field of microscopy, Focus has developed BPM-3 to meet the needs.
  • Also available with Vibration, Bump & Shock Test as Optional.
  • Also available with double Bulb Illumination System.
  • For uninterrupted working in case on bulb fuses-the second is ready as Optional.


Focus: The Reliable Name of Precision Optical Instruments .


Technical Specification:

  • Body : Inclined Binocular Body, rotatable through 360".
  • Noise Piece : Perfectly centered bearing based, Quadruple revolving piece.
  • Mechanical Stage : Large stable base (120x125mm) fitted with co-axial precision graduated mechanical stage for X and Y movement of slide up to 50mmx75mm.
  • Sub Stage : Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser, focussable with rack and pinion through 25mm continously visible iris deaphragm with built in swing out filter holder.
  • Anit Fungus Objectives : Achromatic DIN objectives; 4X/5X, 10X, 40X/45XSL, 100x (SL) oil immersion.
  • Anit Fungus Eye Pieces : Highest quality paired Huy. 5x/6x and WF 10x Eye Piece.
  • Focusing : Coarse and fine focusing knob on both side are provided for quick focusig.
  • Illumination : Fitted with built in base halogen light source; fitted with 6V-20W Halogen bulbs; on/off Switch and light intesity regulator; complete with power cord and plug. Also a set of plano-concave reflector provided for day light use.